Props to anyone who figured out the pop cultural reference in my title…

Over the last several years I have been busy working as a teacher whilst continuing to hone my writing skills. After I finally finished the second draft of my manuscript, I started doing research on the tricky enterprise of publishing. Much to my consternation, multiple sources indicated that I needed to establish a public presence in some form to guarantee readers before I can even consider publication. While I would love to simply cast my puppy dog eyes at anyone I meet, begging them to publish my book, experts don’t appear to think that’s a feasible way to sell my manuscript. Their recommendations include getting a job as a free-lance writer (which given my current career doesn’t seem likely), submitting stories to literary magazines, or starting a blog.

I already had a blog, abandoned and forgotten from my second stint at college. So here I am, dusting off the cobwebs of said blog, planning to write once a week, maybe bi-weekly if I’m feeling particularly ambitious, in the hopes of garnering a following. My posts will range from the profound to the prosaic, from teaching to television, from poetry to prose. Whatever musings enter my mind at that particular moment.

If you are reading this, I humbly hope you will:

  1. Come and visit my blog periodically for updates.
  2. Promote my blog in various locations.

I look forward to entertaining you again soon with more of my ramblings.

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