How to Write

Step One: She stares at a blank screen, the unnatural white of the word program flickering like an incandescent bulb about to blow. She adjusts the brightness. The screen plummets into darkness. She adjusts the brightness back up, one click at a time until she is satisfied that she won't get a blistering headache. Step … Continue reading How to Write

Ode to Anoles

Small and downy soft,Glassy, unblinking black eyes,Lengthy tail of green, Scampering around,Pink tongue jutting from white teeth,Hunting for insects,Basking in the light,or jumping from branch to branch,Cooling in the shade,My little anolesalways make my day brighterand my life richer.

Pedants and Platitudes: Valentine’s Edition

"Remember to get your loved one something special this Valentine's Day." "Hey, Mister Ad Announcer, what if I don't have anyone?" "Sorry, Valentine's Day isn't meant for single people." "Oh good. So I don't have to celebrate it." "That's not true! Anyone can celebrate the day! What about your students? They deserve a Valentine's Day … Continue reading Pedants and Platitudes: Valentine’s Edition